Apply for Digital Signature

  1. Class 3 (Combo) Digital Signature - For Government
  2. Document to be Enclosed:
    a) Affixed Recent Passport-size of Applicant in the Form (Cross Signed the Photo, half on the form and half on the photo)
    b) Photocopy of Govt. Employee ID Proof (Attested by Authorised Person)
    c) Self-Attested Photocopy Govt. Employee ID Proof of Authorised Person
    d) Photocopy of PAN - Attested by Authorised Person (If PAN is Quoted)
    e) Only BLUE INK (Signature) to be use in filling the form and attesting the documents
    f) Seal of Authorised Signatory should match with his/her ID Proof

After online form is submitted take a print out.
Affixed Photograph and Cross-Sized the photo with form.
Authorised Person should give seal and sign in the Authorization Part (in the Form).

Please send the Form with Attested supporting documents to the Following Address:

MV-106, Mission Veng
Near Thakthing Taxi Stand, Aizawl - 796005